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aeroponic a fram design
"A" frame Aeroponics design

hydroponic a fram for pumpkins
"A" frame supports Hydroponiclly grown pumpkins


Tips for Growing Plants Successfully in Hydroponics

Hydroponic bell peppers
There's nothing like growing your own fruits and vegetables in your own Hydroponic Garden.

Their are Six Hydroponic System Types

hydroponic plants2
Healthy looking roots

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Build Your Own Hydroponic Systems

Our Mission for the Hydroponics Gardener

We have found there are lots of web site's about Hydroponics, but almost all of these sites are simply geared towards selling you products rather than giving you good information. The information they provide is naturally geared towards the products they sell. That's fine if you're looking for products, but even then their not going to tell you the cons (real truth) about their products. So if you're looking for good information about Hydroponics, then looking for the real information you want can be frustrating. Our goal is to simply provide the real information you need, so you can make the most of your Hydroponic systems and grow the best crops, and without it costing you a fortune. Not sell you something, because we don't sell anything.

We also want to help show people how to build their own hydroponic systems at home. There are thousands of web site's that will be happy to sell you a Hydroponic system, and to there credit the majority of them work just fine. However with the understanding of how Hydroponic systems work, you can easily build your own, and there is simply no reason to pay those high prices to have a hydroponic garden. So whether you buy a hydroponic system, or build your own, we simply want to help you be successful, as well as be able to grow them cost effectively.  

How and Why Home Hydro Systems website was created
Like most people looking for good information about hydroponics, we were mostly just finding manufactures propaganda designed to sell products, and not good objective information. After years of researching lots of topics about hydroponics to grow our own plants, and wading through all the manufactures propaganda to find true creditable information. We naturally wanted to save the good information so we could easily find it again. Over time we found we were accumulating a lot of good information.

Then we found it was quite time consuming sorting through it all to find the bookmarks, articles, pdf. files, etc. etc. when we wanted to find it again. What we needed was to find a way to organize it in a way it would be easy to find. Basically organized in sections and topics. Something like a organized web site that's easy to navigate. 

That's when it hit us, if we created our own web site, not only could we organize all of the information on it so it's easy to find again, but we could also share it with everyone with Internet access who is interested in hydroponics as well. So we created Home Hydro Systems for that purpose.     

What do we sell?
We don't sell "anything at all. We don't sell anything for a reason, that way we don't have anything to gain by selling or promoting products, and so we don't need to gear the information on our site around products or manufactures propaganda. Because we don't sell anything Home Hydro Systems is a largely non-profit website.

We also never accept any money from retailers or manufactures for any reason. However we do accept donations from manufactures for one reason. That is to test and evaluate the product so we can write a review on it. But our guidelines are such that any product review will be strictly unbiased, based on our results, and included not only the good points, but all the bad points as well. Because of which, not many manufactures are willing to have us test their products because we wont show favoritism in our reviews.

Home Hydro Systems is simply a information website dedicated to helping to promote hydroponics for guardeners to grow there fruites and vedguables in a more productive and enveriomentialy friendly way.As well as help those hydroponic gardeners learn to build their own hydroponic systems, to grow their crops successfully, and without it costing more than it would in traditional soil. 

How we make money?
Adverts support our site. We have 2-3 Google ad blocks placed in out of the way spots on each page of our site. However we don't have any affiliation with any of the advertisers Google chooses to display in their ads.
That's it. We don't now, and never will have any popup's or any other type of in-your-face advertising. Nor do we download any type of software to your computer or browser for any reason. If you are experiencing this type of pop up or in-text advertising, you have some type of ad-ware on your computer that is affecting how your browser displays websites.

Our plans for the future
Because Home Hydro systems is a largely non profit website, we don't have much of a budget for things like materials to build everything we plan and want build. But as the resources become available, we have plans to build many new hydroponic system designs, and crops, that will also be added to our free design plans so we can share them.

Also on a continuing basis we also plan on updating many of the sections with more detailed information, as well as add some new sections of information as we have time. Including getting the forum up and running as soon as we find a viable software option that provides the functionability we want/need, as well as provides good support, and is affordable on our slim budget

You can help us be better
We want to gear our site towards the Hydroponics information your looking for, and to do this, we need to hear from you so you can tell us what it is your looking for. You can get in touch with us at any tine through our contact us page, and/or just E-mail us at and let us know what we can do to help. This site is and always will be a work in progress so the quest for new Hydroponics related information will never stop.

We also would like you to share your pictures and experiences (good and bad) with us. This helps your fellow Hydroponic gardeners to learn from your experiences, and in turn helps us all learn from everyone's experiences as well