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aeroponic a fram design
"A" frame Aeroponics design

a frame hydroponic design
"A" frame supports Hydroponiclly grown pumpkins


Tips for Growing Plants Successfully in Hydroponics

Hydroponic systems
There's nothing better than growing your own fruits and vegetables in your own Hydroponic Garden.

Their are Six Hydroponic System Types

hydroponic plants
Healthy looking roots

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Hydroponics Books to Get

Over the years we have compiled a list of good books from trusted authors to read for valuable information on growing plants hydroponically. While we can recommend the books, we don't vouch for any retailer selling them or anything else. We don't have any affiliation with any retailer or author. 

We only provided a link to the books online so you can see what they look like,  as well as can read the detailed descriptions of the books in order to decide if they are of interest to you.  As always, it's the consumers responsibility to check the prices, credibility and reliability of the retailers they purchase from. Prices also can and will vary quit a bit from retailer to retailer.

List of Books on Hydroponics

  1. Hydroponic Food Production-Seventh Edition (by Howard Resh)
  2. Hydroponic Home Food Gardens (by Howard Resh)
  3. Hydroponic Tomatoes (by Howard Resh)
  4. Hydroponic Questions & Answers (by Howard Resh)
  5. Hobby Hydroponics (by Howard Resh)
  6. Hydroponic Strawberry Production (by Dr Lynette Morgan)
  7. Hydroponic Capsicum Production (by Dr Lynette Morgan)
  8. Hydroponic Lettuce Production (by Dr Lynette Morgan)
  9. Fresh Culinary Herb Production: A Technical Guide to the Hydroponic and Organic Production of Commercial Fresh Gourmet Herb Crops (by Dr Lynette Morgan) 
  10. Hydroponic Tomato Crop Production (by Dr. Lynette Morgan PhD)
  11. Hydroponic Salad Crop Production Guide(by Dr. Lynette Morgan PhD)